Previous Updates
5/15/02 Wednesday
Well, the 3rd Annual Dakota R/T meet is just around the corner everyone!  Just like last year,  I'll be taking tons of  pics and they'll be up on here as soon as I can possibly get them up,  strongly depending on if we can get high speed internet in our hotel rooms in Tucson,  so we'll see.

3/5/02 Tuesday
Okay everyone, updates are in progress.  I've thrown a few new pics in the My R/T section for now, but I'm gonna try and update all the outdated sections on the site soon.
I've been called to duty by officers of the Dakota R/T Club and I am now the webmaster of the Texas Outlaws Chapter website as well as Co-Webmaster of the Dakota R/T Club website.  I'm so excited to be able to do my part and contribute to club in this way.

6/21/01 Thursday
Updated My R/T page and the R/T Mods page with pics of my new Bedcover and Bedrug!  I won the bedrug as a give-away prize at the national meet, and when I won the bedrug, I told myself I had to get a bedcover, so I bought one off of a guy in Dallas on my way home from the meet.

6/19/01 Tuesday
The National Meet was AWESOME!  I'm slowly getting everything on here from the meet, be patient.  I'm having a little trouble with the movies, but I'll get them working, don't worry.

6/12/01 Tuesday
Alright!  2 days 'til we're on the road to Topeka!
I added the banner and links above, and the pages will be updated from on the road as long as I don't run into any major problems connecting and uploading this weekend.  Check back often this weekend for pics from Kansas!

3/31/01 Saturday
Sorry about all the trouble with the movies on the site lately.  I've run outta server space and for now, they're sitting on my personal computer accessible via FTP.  They're working as of now, but they're not as reliable as I'd like them to be.  I'll be working on a way to improve that asap.
Updated some of the links on the links page.  If you have an R/T page of your own that you would like added, send it to me and I'll put it up!

3/23/01 Friday
Okay everyone, I got a little page done on my new exhaust setup.  Check it out here.
I also got the chance to finally run my truck at the track last weekend, and I am very pleased with my times considering the truck is still basically stock.  Check out that story here.
Added the countdown above too, as if you didn't notice.

3/14/01 Wednesday
Sorry it's been so long since I updated everyone.  I changed up my exhaust a little yesterday.  I cut my tailpipe off to clean up the rear end of the truck a bit, and I now have a little turn-down right after the muffler.  More info soon....

1/8/01 Monday
Just when y'all thought I was done updating the media page, wham, I loaded a ton more on there!  Thanks Jack for sharing!
Everyone be sure to vote for this site, as well as Jack's and Niles' at!  We're trying our best to get up to the top.  Click each of the following links once, then click the link that says, "Click here to enter," and that's it!  That's all you have to do to vote!

Vote 4 Me

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1/5/01 Friday
I got the R/T Media page all fixed up.  Sorry those links for the movies have been down so long, but I ran outta server space and had to take them off and find somewhere else to put them.

1/4/01 Thursday
Added a little info about Robert Gillum's R/T with the 20" Boyd Coddington wheels.  He's got a nice setup.  Check it out here.
Also, I added the link button above, and had to change my counter over to a 5 digit one.  Just turned over 10,000 hits!  It was limited to 4 digits, and I noticed it was saying visitor# 0033.  Oops!
One more thing.  For those of you that haven't already seen, Jack Yates revamped his site, and now has an intro on there that I did for him.  Check it out!

12/30/00 Saturday
For those of you that want to see Robert Gillum's 20" Boyd Coddington wheels on his R/T...Click Here!

12/08/00 Friday
Figured I'd add something silly to the site.  Don't know how long it'll last.  Check it out here.

10/27/00 Friday
Added another pic of my Chrome R/T emblems.  Took a cool one today and couldn't wait to put it up. 

10/16/00 Monday
Working on updating the R/T log with various events.  Also, added the pics of my new chrome 5.9 R/T Durango emblems on a few pages.  Click here to see them. 

10/10/00 Tuesday
Okay, updated the R/T Log with my latest service experience and yes, the pics from the Houston Mopar Show and Race are up!  Click here to see them

10/5/00 Thursday
I'm sorry everyone for not updating this like I said I was gonna.  I've been super busy since this weekend's trip to Vegas, but I promise, the pics from the Mopar Show and Race are coming very soon. 
I've also got news on how my last service visit went.  My main problem, the steering noise is fixed, but I am not pleased with my visit.

9/25/00 Monday
Made it out to the Houston Mopar Show and Race this weekend out Houston Raceway Park.  Got lots of pictures coming... 
Updated a few things throughout the site.  A few big updates on the Mods page. 

9/19/00 Monday
Working on a page with mucho info on my alarm.  A link can be found on the R/T Mods page. 
The R/T Mods page and a few links off of it will be under construction while I re-organize that section.  I'll let you know when that's all done.

9/16/00 Saturday
Changed the code for the Dakota R/T Webring.  The R/T image is a sketch of a red R/T.  Looks pretty cool.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see it.

9/13/00 Wednesday
Got a few more pics on the 2001 Dakota Page.  These are some pics I had for a while now, just now got 'em on there though.  Check 'em out!

9/08/00 Friday
Updated the R/T Log with a few stories about a Ford and Pontiac I dusted over the last few days.  People are getting more brave when lining up at a light with me now.  I dunno if it's cause all the students are back in town or what, but it sure is fun.  : )
I am committed to making updates to this site more often, so check back often for updates from now on!

9/07/00 Thursday
My latest trip to my local "5 star" dealer was not impressive.  Needless to say, my truck still has all the problems it had when I took it in last week.  Read more about it on the R/T Log page.
I added a watermark to the background of the site...can you see it?  It's very faint, and will depend on your monitor brightness and contrast as to whether you will see it or not.  Let me know if you like/dislike it?

8/23/00 Wednesday
Got some pics of a few items on the R/T that have gone wrong since I got it.  The center console has two tears in it and the lifter to move the passenger seat forward broke.  I'm also having a problem with the steering...a moaning sound when I make sharp turns.  Looks like I will be taking it into the shop soon.
I'm working on a page for my new alarm...check back soon for that. 

8/18/00 Friday
Pics and info on the new alarm coming soon!

8/4/00 Friday
Got some pics of a new 2001 R/T.  The interior sure is ugly, but the new silver paint looks great!
Also added a few new pics of Monte's truck, with a new item I had made for him to show my thanks for all his stereo help.

7/26/00 Wednesday
Updated my stereo page and the R/T Log page

7/20/00 Thursday
Made a page for the new z919.  Now I need to change my R/T stereo page.  : )

7/19/00 Wednesday
Got my new Kenwood z919 mp3/cd player installed yesterday.  Pic links are below and more pics and details are on the way!




I also removed the DODGE decal on the rear of the R/T the other day.  I wanted to see how easy it would be when I go to take all the decals off.  I'll post info and pics on that soon too.

7/11/00 Tuesday
As promised, pics from this weekend, Street Night at the Texas Motorplex! Click Here!
Also added a truck to the Local R/Ts page.

7/10/00 Monday
Pics from this weekend at the Texas Motorplex coming tomorrow!

7/4/00 Tuesday
Updated the R/T Log with info about my recent visit to the Dodge Service Department.
Monte's truck is now under the Local R/Ts page.

6/30/00 Friday
Updated a few misc things across the site, and added and changed a few things on the National Meet page.

6/23/00 Friday
Added a page for the friend of mine with an R/T that works at Circuit City, Monte, with pics of his truck and the awesome system in it.
6/18/00 Sunday
Updated my 1st Annual Dakota R/T Club National Meet page with some pics from Milan Dragway and various other activities at the meet.

6/16/00 Friday
FINALLY those guys on the R/T caravan posted some pics, AND even some mpegs.  I'm making a 1st Annual Dakota R/T Club National Meet page with all these files, and it will be updated as I get more.  It's killing me to have to sit back and watch from home, but it's great to see that everyone's having a great time!
6/12/00 Monday
For those of you, like me, that aren't lucky enough to be going to the 1st ever national R/T meet in Detroit this coming weekend, there's a website that is tracking their activity throughout the journey.  Click here to see it.
Received some images of a sweet Deep Amethyst CC R/T this weekend and posted those on that part of the Images section of the site.
I also added a few new pics of Jack Yates' new black, again, R/T.
6/8/00 Thursday
I redesigned the Images section of the site.  I added some new pics I got from a few cool magazine articles out there, and organized the images according to color.
I'm gonna try to make it out to the Lightning vs R/T showdown this Friday at the Texas Motorplex south of Dallas.  I'll take plenty of pics and post them as soon as I can when I get back next week.
5/21/00 Sunday
I've added a few pics at the end of the Images section of a few other Dodge R/T vehicles and one concept vehicle.
5/19/00 Friday
I was playing around with some graphics to go on the R/T.  Check em out!  :-)
5/11/00 Thursday
Made another recording of my exhaust and updated the Media page and My R/T page.  Made both recordings available in mp3 format also.
5/10/00 Wednesday
Updated the Mods pages and R/T Log to accommodate my new Mod.  
5/8/00 Monday
Added something new to the R/T today.  I've put stuff on the My R/T page, and the Media page about it.  Check it out!  : )
5/7/00 Sunday
Added a pic to the My R/T Page
5/6/00 Saturday
Jack Yates, has purchased a new R/T, and he's back in a black one. just makes more sense that way.   : )   I've updated his link on the links page.
5/3/00 Wednesday
I'll be adding a few pics throughout the site over the next day or so.  
I'm also changing the layout of some of the pages to accommodate modem users' connection speeds.
5/2/00 Tuesday
One of my good chatting buddies on ICQ and fellow R/T owner was in a nasty wreck in his R/T.  He's okay, but the R/T is totaled.  Here's the link to some pictures and his story.
4/29/00 Saturday
Added this update section
New movies and a sound on the Media page 
New images in the My R/T section as well as the Images section
Also, I'm working on an intro for Niles Parr and the member registry page.  Check out the preliminary intro here.