As people post pics and movies, I'll collect them all here.  Sure wish I could have been there in person, but these pics and movies made me feel very close to the action!

I've got lots more pics to post, please be patient while I get them all up and organized on here!


Group Pic in front of Museum





Another Group Pic in front of Museum

Actually, I put this one together from 3 pics of someone else's



West Coast Caravan Pics


Milan Dragway Pics


Hell & Misc Pics


Misc Truck Pics


Misc Parking Lot Pics


Museum Parking Lot Pics


Museum Pics


Jack Yates' Photos


More Pics


Racing Results From Milan

Stock RC

1st  Fred Scramm  15.252 @ 88.45
2nd  Damon Bloominstien   15.315 @ 89.12

Stock CC

1st Russ Toalson 15.311 @ 89.63
2nd Andrea McKenzie 15.417 @ 88.90

Light Modified RC

1st Charles Smith 14.959 @ 90.49
2nd  Jason Murphy 15.005 @ 86.66

Light Modified CC

Russ Crow 14.895 @ 91.80
Dan Bennett 15.039 @ 89.26

Heavy Modified RC

1st  Sam Parthemer  14.936 @92.01
2st  George Hooper 15.03 @ 90.01

Heavy Modified CC

1st  Terry Herrin 14.877 @ 91.07

In a class by himself

Outlaw RC

1st Terry Delong 13.14 @ 107.19
2nd Mike Williams 13.830 @ 99.33

Outlaw CC

Kevin Kininski 13.746 @  100.64
Kris Burl 13.844 @ 99.55

Congratulation to those that participated in the Drag Racing events at
Milan..  Most peoples times were .4 to .5 seconds slower than their normal
runs.  We had 76 Racers. It was truly an unbelievable site.

Mike Williams
00 Blk RC
President, Dakota R/T Club


Show Winners

Best Stock RC

1st Brad Reardon
2nd  Dan Skara

Best Stock CC

1st Russel Toalson
2nd Harry Giarusso

Best Modified RC

1st Mike Williams
2nd Kris Hines  ( I wish we had, had a best paint class, just not to many
R/T's with custom paint jobs yet)

Best Modified CC

1st  Kris Burl
2nd  Anthony Tomae

Best Engine

1st  Mike Williams
2nd  Matt Tomkins

The above awards were chose by participant voting

Lowest R/T

1st Anthony Tomae
2nd Mike Tomas

Best Stereo

1st Kris Burl
2nd Andrea McKenzie

Most tickets

Dave Moen with an astounding 9 citations issued to his R/T.

Best of Show

Kris Burl

Last but not least, and not very happy news the Hard Luck award was split
between Jack Yates and Caleb Broad.  These to had an unfortunate accident on
the way out of Hell.  Caleb crested a hill and rear ended Jack. Jacks truck
can still be driven but is really messed up.  Calab's truck is out of
commission with a broke the radiator and other things.

Mike Williams
00 Blk RC
President, Dakota R/T Club