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Last updated Wednesday, October 20, 2004

New Pics! 02/20/02

Pics with my Bedrug & Checkmate Bedcover

Pics of my Chrome 5.9 R/T Emblems

Crank up your speakers and click below to hear my new Flowmaster 40 Series exhaust on my RT

Sample1 - mp3 - 319k Sample2 - mp3 - 575k

Do not try this at home!  Unless of course you have an R/T  :-)

Sorry about the focus, the camera was focused on the steering wheel.

Taking a perfect picture wasn't exactly my top priority at the time.


After a few more mods I might be posting something like this!

Just kidding, I was having a little fun with PaintShopPro
I assure you the top picture is real though.

RT / Viper Pics   3/29/00

Found this Viper parked out in the back of a parking lot on campus all by itself, so I pulled in next to it for a few pics.  

Stereo Pics


Check out these pics from my new Digital Camera!

This camera is Awesome!  

Warning!  These are big files.  It may take a few minutes to load for a modem user! 



If anyone would like to know, it's the Epson 850z.     

2.1 Megapixel Image Depth!

I'm trying to decide on the plates I want to apply for for the R/T.  Please help me decide! 
E-mail me your opinions at 

I bought my R/T on 2/15/00 from Crown Dodge on Katy Road in Houston, TX.  I live in College Station, TX.

Here are the pictures I have taken so far.  These are without any mods whatsoever.

Pics taken in the first week or so I had it, when it was bone stock.

My window sticker