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Last Update:
12/08/04 Wednesday
Now that I've registered both davidontheweb.com and davidontheweb.net and each domain has 2Gb of storage, I shouldn't run into problems uploading photos anytime soon.  I'll be working on getting all the pics up from the 2002 R/T Meet instead of having them on Webshots.  For now, the pics and movies from the 2004 R/T Meet are posted. 

Pics and movies from the
2004 R/T Meet in
Baytown, TX

6/03/04 Thursday
Okay, I'm not promising any big updates any time soon, but I did go through the site and try and fix all the dead links.  All the movies should work now, and I think I am going to try and reorganize the meet pics from each year so that they are easier to see and navigate.  Let me know if you see any links that aren't working that I missed.  Enjoy! 
9/13/02 Friday
Sport Truck Magazine featured the 3rd Annual R/T meet in the November 2002 issue and my truck is in there twice!  It's in the group shot on page 97, 4th truck from the left on the 2nd row, and also in the pic below that, just behind Marks' truck. Mark's truck is in a few other pics and Monte is on page 98.  Nice Helmet!  Click the pic below to see the article. 

For more pics from the R/T meet, you can visit my Webshots Community by clicking here.  I had to post all my pics from the meet up there because I had so many. 

BTW:  A while back, I was working on an intro for Niles Parr and the dakotart.com member registry page, but things kinda fell through with it.  Check out the preliminary intro I created here.

Previous Updates

Pics from the 2002 R/T Meet in Tucson can be found 
on my webshots community by clicking the pic below.

Pics and Info 
from the 2001 National  Dakota R/T Meet  in 
Topeka, Kansas

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