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Steve Feiler - Dakota-Durango.com

September 30, 2004 - Day 1
Packing, Hotel Arrival, Settling In

October 1, 2004 - Day 2
Show and Shine, Hanging at the Hotel

Pics 1            Pics 2

Pics 1            Pics 2


October 2, 2004 - Day 3
Drag Racing at HRP, Mopar Show, 
Partying at the Hotel

October 3, 2004 - Day 4
Autocross, Group Pic, Awards

Pics 1            Pics 2            Pics 3

Pics 1            Pics 2


Group Picture
I did my best to piece together this panoramic pic from about 6 separate pics.  
I still think it needs a little more work, but maybe it's just because I've been 
staring at it for so long and I know where all the splices are.  Anyway, I'm posting 
it for now and if I feel like working on it some more, or if I get any feedback 
from others saying I should work on it some more, I will get to it when I can.

3610 x 600 314kb

4813 x 800 489kb

6161 x 1024 772kb

Full Size
11840 x 1968 2.57mb


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hotelfun.mov  14.5mb    17vs75.mov  33.6mb 8SecDak.mov  14.9mb
hotelfun_sm.mov  7.4mb    17vs75_sm.mov  14mb 8SecDak_sm.mov  5.6mb
hotelfun_lg.wmv  2.4mb    17vs75_lg.wmv  4.7mb 8SecDak_lg.wmv  2.2mb
hotelfun_sm.wmv  609kb    17vs75_sm.wmv  732kb 8SecDak_sm.wmv  353kb
28alone.mov  24.6mb track01.mov  26mb track07.mov  39.7mb
28alone_sm.mov  10.4mb track01_sm.mov  10.7mb track07_sm.mov  16.5mb
28alone_lg.wmv  3.9mb track01_lg.wmv  3.7mb track07_lg.wmv  5.4mb
28alone_sm.wmv  619kb track01_sm.wmv  598kb track07_sm.wmv  841kb
racefromtower.mov  95.8mb track08.mov  33.5mb track02.mov  34.8mb
racefromtower_sm.mov  38.1mb track08_sm.mov  14.3mb track02_sm.mov  13.9mb
racefromtower_lg.wmv  12.3mb track08_lg.wmv  5.1mb track02_lg.wmv  4.7mb
racefromtower_sm.wmv  1.9mb track08_sm.wmv  814kb track02_sm.wmv  728kb
track03.mov  22.4mb newviper.mov  23mb
track03_sm.mov  9.2mb newviper_sm.mov  9.5mb
track03_lg.wmv  3.3mb newviper_lg.wmv  3.3mb
track03_sm.wmv  557kb newviper_sm.wmv  543kb
track06.mov  18.9mb track05.mov  21.7mb track04.mov  19.5mb
track06_sm.mov  7.8mb track05_sm.mov  8.7mb track04_sm.mov  8mb
track06_lg.wmv  2.6mb track05_lg.wmv  3.1mb track04_lg.wmv  2.8mb
track06_sm.wmv  418kb track05_sm.wmv  494kb track04_sm.wmv  473kb
autocross1_sm.mov  33.7mb autocross2_sm.mov  26.5mb autocross3_sm.mov  16.3mb
autocross1_lg.wmv  12.2mb autocross2_lg.wmv  10.6mb autocross3_lg.wmv  6.7mb
autocross1_sm.wmv  2.3mb autocross2_sm.wmv  1.7mb autocross3_sm.wmv  1.1mb

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